When you see photos of yourself with your face turned to the side, you may be dismayed to see a pouch of loose skin below your chin. This is called a double chin, and the majority of adults wish they didn’t have it.

Thankfully, today’s modern technology offers a convenient method to eliminate this unsightly excess tissue. Here at DERMABARE in Laguna Niguel, California, our expert team offers KYBELLA®, the first and only FDA-approved treatment using a series of injections to remove those unwanted fat cells under your chin. It’s a quick procedure with lasting results. Over 20 clinical studies have proven KYBELLA’s effectiveness.

Read on to find out what caused you to develop a double chin, and how KYBELLA can get rid of it permanently.

Why did I develop a double chin?

A double chin is composed of excess fatty tissue (called submental fat) in the area under your chin. There are three primary reasons you see extra tissue there.


You don’t have to be an older adult to have a double chin. Your genetic makeup may be the culprit. If other members of your family have double chins, you’re more likely to develop one also.

You can also have a double chin and be at a normal weight. Genetics, in this case, trumps exercise and diet.

Weight gain

If you’ve gained weight and are well beyond a normal weight for your height and body type, some of the extra fat may be deposited under your chin. Your chances of developing a double chin increase greatly if you put on extra pounds.


Many people develop double chins as part of the normal aging process. While you’re young, your skin contains an abundance of collagen and elastin, which are important proteins that keep your skin firm. But as you grow older, your skin produces fewer collagen and elastin protein fibers.

As a result, your skin gradually loses its elasticity as you age. You often see sagging cheeks and folds of skin on the neck in older adults, as well as loose skin under the arms. In the same way, loose skin can develop under your chin.

How does KYBELLA work to eliminate my double chin?

KYBELLA contains a special acid, which is a natural substance that your body also produces. The acid breaks down and absorbs fat cells. Once it’s injected, KYBELLA goes to work, destroying the integrity of the excess fatty tissue.

Your trained and certified DERMABARE specialist develops a plan for your chin treatment and shows you before-and-after photos to help you understand how your chin’s appearance will improve.

Each treatment takes only about 20 or 30 minutes. Your DERMABARE specialist injects the KYBELLA solution under your chin. The exact number of injections during your appointment depends on your aesthetic goals.

You’ll need more than one set of injections for KYBELLA to work effectively. Many patients are satisfied with two to four KYBELLA sessions, but you could need up to six appointments, each a month apart. You’ll notice your double chin receding more within a month of each appointment.

KYBELLA’s side effects are minimal. The injections may cause some swelling, redness, and/or bruising at the site, but these reactions disappear quickly.

Will my double chin come back?

Once the existing fat cells disintegrate, they won’t be able to store fat. As long as you don’t gain excess weight in the future, which can cause another double chin, your new look is permanent.

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