Skin Care

Finding the right products to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful can be frustrating and leave you with a drawer filled with products that don’t deliver the results promised. Ramin Tayani, MD, and the team at DERMABARE can design a personalized skin care regimen using the most advanced skin care products available, including ZO® Skin Health,  and EltaMD® SkinCare. To schedule a consultation, call the Laguna Niguel, California, office, or request an appointment online.

Skin Care Q & A

What is skin care?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and serves as your primary protection against germs and injury. Skin care refers to the specialized treatments available to keep your skin healthy and strong, not to mention young and beautiful.

The experienced aesthetic team at DERMABARE specializes in skin health and offer advanced skin care lines to help you keep your skin feeling and looking its best.

In addition to the advanced skin care lines, the luxurious medical spa also offers Latisse®, which is a prescription treatment for improving the health and fullness of your eyelashes.

What is ZO Skin Health?

This popular brand offers a variety of advanced skin care products that are available to you at DERMABARE. Some of the ZO products include:

  • Anti Aging Program Kit

  • Skin Brightening Program

  • Complexion Clearing Program Kit

  • Daily Skincare Program Kit

  • Growth Factor Serum

What is EltaMD SkinCare?

When it comes to skin health and aging, the sun is your worst enemy. EltaMD SkinCare specializes in sunscreens, which are available at DERMABARE. Some of the products the luxurious spa carry include:

  • UV Elements
  • UV Daily Tinted
  • UV Daily Untinted
  • UV Clear Tinted
  • UV Clear Untinted

DERMABARE also offers Foaming Facial Cleanser and Barrier Renewal Complex by EltaMD SkinCare.

How do I know what type of skin care I need?

The team at DERMABARE specializes in skin health and aesthetics and can design a skin care regimen that fits your skin needs and aesthetic goals.

In addition to skin care products, the medical spa also offers skin rejuvenation, cosmetic injections, and laser hair removal.

To schedule a consultation with the skin care experts, call DERMABARE, or request an appointment online.