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What are you getting dad, hubby or grad for their special day?

People often ask us if we have a lot of men in our DermaBare centers. The answer is yes! We get high school boys to older business men and all walks of life. Now a days it’s not only women thinking about their appearance but men as well. They want the luxury of touchable skin perhaps for their partners or maybe just for themselves either way we love the mix of our client base.

This weekend I saw this man at the pool that from a far looked like he had tattoos on 3/4 of his body. In closer observation I saw that it was hair….  I was biting my lip to not offer my business card but, I figured hey me must be ok with it.  I let it go for a bit until he was getting ready to leave and he literally shook himself like a dog to dry up and squeegeed his arms and legs with his hands for the remainder of the water. I almost fell out of my lounge chair so I came up with a plan I asked my boyfriend to talk to me about his laser hair removal experience to see if perhaps a light would go off with this man. I could tell the man was at one point listening attentively to our conversation. My boyfriend got up to use the restroom and was met by the man in the restrooms. He ask him about his laser hair removal experience. He said, “I didn’t think men actually did that kind of stuff….. ” My boyfriend began explaining how the process works from his previous experience. He then escorted the man to where I was for my business card. He was such a nice guy and his wife was also inquiring about laser hair removal for herself. I received a call this morning to set up his first consult he was very thankful for opening his eyes to something that he had been so insecure with his whole life (according to him). It’s not everyday I stalk people at the pool…(lol) that may need laser hair removal but every now and then I do my part to help make the world a less hairer place….


Moral of the story is men do appreciate laser hair removal as well.