Vitamins and minerals are vital actors in your body’s development and functions. But while you might get adequate amounts by eating healthy, many people need an extra boost. That’s why Vitamin and mineral supplements are a plus—they provide you with the nutrient support you need to stay healthy.

Let’s say you’re sick or struggling with a hangover. At DermaBare, we offer IV Infusion Therapy that helps deliver the fluids your body is craving, speeding up your recovery.

Here’s why IV Nutrition is the ideal route to deliver the needed vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes:

  • Instant hydration. IV drip is a faster mode of delivering the high volumes of fluids you need (it takes effect the instant you start the treatment)
  • IV drip delivers the fluids directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your fragile digestive system. This approach allows complete absorption of the fluids—making the vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes available to your body cells immediately.
  • Whereas oral administration of fluid often triggers or worsens nausea, IV delivery of nutrients has the capacity to achieve the needed serum concentrations
  • Glowing skin. IV therapy gives you an instant glow thanks to fast delivery of vitamins and antioxidants directly into your body
  • Do you need to restore your energy and reduce soreness after a night of overindulging? Customized infusion therapy is an excellent way to replace the depleted electrolytes and vitamins in your body. Detoxification allows you to speed up your healing process and boost your immunity.

So, which vitamins do you need? This article explores several important vitamins and minerals plus their role in your overall health.

Benefits of Vitamins

Relentlessly, your body is constantly regenerating and renewing skin, tissue, muscles, and bones. To do so, your body needs nutrients. These nutrients come in the form of food. Essential vitamins and nutrients support your body in its development and everyday functions. In sum, your body requires 13 essential vitamins. The body can process some vitamins like Vitamin D from the sun alongside vitamin K that’s processed in the gut.

Role of Vitamins in Your Overall Health

Vitamins play multiple roles in the body. Some help in healing wounds, while some bolster your immune system. Other vitamins support your nervous system and help your body process food into energy. As you can see, vitamins and essential nutrients perform several roles within your body.

Interaction of Vitamins

Some vitamins and nutrients work best in pairs. The following list shows you the benefits you get after pairing some vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin D & Calcium—this dynamic duo is excellent for your bones. Vitamin D is key to how efficiently your body absorbs calcium in the gut.
  • Sodium & Potassium—sodium is one of the essential nutrients. That said, you have to take it in moderation. Potassium directs the body to eliminate excess sodium
  • Vitamin B12 & Folate—these two nutrients work closely to promote cell division and replication.
  • Niacin & Tryptophan—niacin is integral to how the body regulates cholesterol. Taking Tryptophan helps counter niacin deficits.

Speak to a Healthcare Professional Before Taking Supplements

Most diets lack one essential nutrient or the other—supplements come in handy to bridge this gap.

Discuss your options with a healthcare provider or pharmacist since a supplement’s effectiveness largely depends on your specific situation and health.

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