Many people experience stubborn fat for a variety of reasons that are out of our control. Stubborn fat deposits often do not go away even with diet and exercise. Fortunately, if you are looking to get rid of some of this fat, you may be a candidate for Evolve. Evolve is an FDA-approved technology that tightens, tones, and transforms your body – evolving you into your most confident self.

How does Evolve work?

Evolve is a body sculpting technology which uses radiofrequency (RF) and electromagnetic energies (EMS) to reduce fat cells, tighten loose skin and cellulite, and tone your muscles. These energies are non-invasive and safe to use.

The device is placed on your target area for 20 to 60 minutes, and treatment may require three to eight sessions. Evolve is typically painless, although you may feel a slight tingling sensation and you may experience muscle soreness as if you completed a good workout. Daily activities can resume immediately after your session. With proper maintenance of diet and exercise, these stubborn fat cells will not return after completing Evolve.

RF waves are gentle yet effective in reducing fat cells under the skin, all while tightening the skin and increasing collagen and elastin productions. Collagen and elastin provide support, strength, and stretchiness to your skin. This helps to create a youthful appearance and improves the health of your largest organ. Muscle strengthening and toning occurs when electromagnetic waves induce muscle contractions even on the most stubborn of muscles. Contractions allow for muscle strengthening and toning. These two technologies work together to give you your dream body, without surgery or other invasive procedures.

Is Evolve right for me?

Evolve is effective and safe for people whose BMI (body mass index) is under 30, and it is not a substitute for liposuction. It is used to tighten loose skin as a result of substantial weight loss, and it is used on stubborn fat deposits that linger even after natural or surgical weight loss. It can also be used by anyone who simply has target areas of unwanted stubborn fat. Evolve can be used anywhere on your body. While you will start to see results immediately after treatment, the final results can take up to eight to twelve weeks. Evolve not only dramatically improves your appearance – it improves your self-esteem and quality of life.

The best way to determine whether Evolve is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Dermabare’s dedicated and experienced team of providers. You and your provider can work together to decide where on your body you want to use Evolve, and then develop a customized plan for treatment that works best for you and your goals.