Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a revolutionary medical procedure that uses a patient’s own blood and platelets to promote healing and regeneration. It has a variety of applications, from hair growth to facial rejuvenation, making it an increasingly popular option for those looking for natural solutions to their concerns. Here are some of the benefits of PRP therapy:

  • Hair Growth: PRP is used to treat both male and female pattern baldness. The injection stimulates the scalp and encourages healthy hair follicle growth, leading to fuller and thicker hair in just three to six months.
  • Injection With Face Fillers: PRP can be paired with face fillers such as hyaluronic acid or collagen-based products, increasing the longevity of these treatments by several months while providing an extra boost in volume and hydration.
  • Morpheus8: This is an innovative facial contouring tool that combines neuro-modulated radio frequency technology with micro-needling and PRP applied as a serum. This breakthrough device enables practitioners to target exact depths within the skin, delivering warmth into deeper layers without any pain or discomfort. The combination of this heat energy with PRP helps stimulate collagen production while also improving skin laxity and reducing wrinkles.

In short, there are many benefits associated with PRP therapy that make it one of the most sought after treatments today! Talk to your doctor today at Dermabare about whether you would be a good candidate for this procedure.