The moment is here at last! You’re jumping into the world of aesthetics. Maybe you’re planning to get some unwanted hair removed with laser hair removal, or perhaps you want to have your facial skin rejuvenated with intensed pulsed laser treatment. Before you keep that appointment, though, get prepared for when you come home.

At DERMABARE, a med spa located in Laguna Niguel, California, Ramin Tayani, MD and his team focus on providing safe, effective laser treatments and educating you on how to care for your skin afterwards. Here is some before-treatment advice and five tips you’ll need to know to help protect your skin after it’s through.

Before your treatment

When you’re scheduling your appointment, allow some time for preparation in advance of your laser treatment. You’ll want to go at least a week without tanning and a few days without strong sun exposure before your procedure.

If you’re having laser hair removal, don’t wax, thread, or use electrolysis for four weeks prior to your appointment. The same goes for facial hair if you’re having rejuvenation done with a laser. You can, however, trim or shave up to the day before your laser rejuvenation or hair removal treatment.

Protecting your skin after a laser treatment

Once you’ve had your laser treatment, take proper care of your skin to prevent swelling or irritation. These five tips can help:

1. Relieve any discomfort with simple OTC medication

Most people don’t have any pain after mild laser procedures, but if you feel any stinging sensations or soreness you can take a basic over-the-counter medication like acetaminophen (Tylenol).

2. Use cold compresses

If your skin feels hot, itchy, or tight, use a cold compress to help ease those sensations. Cold travels along many of the same nerves that transmit discomfort signals to the brain and can relieve your pain quickly.

3. Try witch hazel

Witch hazel is safe for topical skin use, and it’s thought to have anti-inflammatory benefits that can help reduce any swelling after laser treatment. Add a little to the outside of your cold compress, and enjoy the soothing effects.

4. Skip the tanning salon

You should avoid the tanning salon and bright sunlight for six weeks after your laser treatment. Then you can enjoy summer activities while using proper sunscreen — and SPF of at least 30.

5 . Avoid cosmetics after facial rejuvenation

Avoid wearing makeup for a few days after laser facial treatment, especially if you’re experiencing any irritation. Shelving your cosmetics in favor of a light coating of sunblock lets your skin heal properly.

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