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10 Reasons to Choose DermaBare Aesthetics & Laser Center

  1. DermaBare Medical Directors are Medical Board Certified Physicians.
  2. DermaBare prides itself in its unmatched Five Star Customer Service.
  3. DermaBare has been established since 2004 and has performed over 60,000 treatments.
  4. DermaBare Registered Nurses are highly experienced with over 500 client treatments/ month.
  5. DermaBare team sets expectation appropriately, has friendly welcoming staff and helpful experienced laser advisors.  
  6. DermaBare has efficient and effective processes with complementary consultation and laser test spot to optimize clients’ safety.
  7. DermaBare has affordable pricing and interest-free financing with monthly payment plans that can meet any budget parameter.
  8. DermaBare is endorsed by Lumenis, the nation’s industry leader in Aesthetic Lasers and uses the most painless laser in the market.
  9. DermaBare is a results driven practice and is well respected in the community.
  10. DermaBare has evening and weekend hours to accommodate your busy schedule.