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Chemical peels are performed by the Medi-Estheticians at LifeSpa and are often a recommended for patients who are not a good candidate for our laser skin treatments. LifeSpa offers a wide range of peels incorporating the use of various acids (TCA, Glycolic) as well as hydroquinone (skin “bleaching” agent). Down-time with chemical peels is dependent upon the type and number of layers applied but typically will range from 3-4 days for glycolic, 7-10 days for TCA.  During this time, the patient will experience a dry, tight sensation followed by a visible peeling that starts centrally around the mouth and nasal areas and moves outward.  No post-procedure pain is associated with chemical peels, but patients may complain of an “itchy” sensation. Call our center to schedule a complimentary consultation to find what chemical peel or laser treatment is right for you, 949-545-6600.

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The medical professionals at DermaBare at LifeSpa Aesthetics & Laser Center provide leading-edge, non-surgical cosmetic treatments to help men and women look and feel their best. Chemical peels can combat a number of aesthetic issues, including sun damage, age, spots, acne scars and more. In addition to offering chemical peels, the nurses perform IPL Photofacial and laser skin resurfacing in Laguna Niguel. DermaBare has also been recognized as a leader in treating laser hair removal Laguna Niguel patients. To learn more, or to schedule a free consultation, contact the practice today at 949-545-6600.

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