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Dr. Jackie Levin, Dermatologist

1. Keep baths and showers SHORT, ideally less than 15 minutes.

2. Always use lukewarm water when possible. Avoid very HOT or COLD water

3. Do NOT use bubble bath.

4. Limit use of soaps. Focus on “dirty” areas – face, armpits, groin and feet. Some examples of mild soaps and cleansers include fragrance free-Dove, Aquanil, Basis, and Cetaphil and Cerave cleanser.

5. Do NOT vigorously scrub when you cleanse your skin.

6. After bathing, PAT your skin lightly with a towel. Do not rub or scrub when drying.

7. ALWAYS apply a moisturizer immediately after bathing. This helps to “lock-in” moisture.

8. Reapply moisturizer several times a day to your whole body. Good summer moisturizers include: Cerave and Cetaphil lotions. Winter moisturizers should be thicker and include: Aquaphor ointment, Vaseline, Cetaphil cream, Eucerin cream, Vanicream and Restoraderm.

9. Do not use products such as powders, perfumes or colognes on your skin.

10. Avoid saunas and steam baths. The temperature is too HOT.

11. Use unscented hypo-allergenic laundry products (detergents and fabric softeners) such as All Free and Cheer Free. If the skin is still very dry, you can try DOUBLE-RINSING your clothes.

12. Avoid tight or “scratchy” clothing such as wool.

13. Always wash new clothes before wearing for the first time.

14. Sometimes a humidifier or vaporizer, used at night, can help with dry skin. Remember to keep it clean to avoid mold growth.

If you have topical prescription medications:

1. Remember to apply prescription medications to affected areas only. Do NOT apply to normal skin.

2. It is best to use moisturizers and prescription medications at DIFFERENT times during the day. If applied at the same time, always apply the prescription medication FIRST.

Tayani Institute hopes these helpful recommendations will cure your dry skin and have you beach ready for the summer months ahead. Remember to wear sun screen outside and reapply every hour.

Don’t forget an annual skin check, this month is Melenoma Awareness Month so protect your skin protect your life!


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