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DermaBare Gives Back
DermaBare continues to give back to the communities that we live and work in. We pride ourselves in doing our part in making our communities a better place to be and spread the good grace that have allowed us to grow into the centers we are today.

Dr.Tayani – Owner and Medical Director of DermaBare Mission Viejo has provided his ophthalmic expertise at no charge to hundreds of individuals that required vision screens through the Illuminations Foundations. During one of the vision fairs Dr.Tayani encountered a gentlemen that had been diagnosed with a tumor in his eye that would have been fatal if not surgically removed. This gentlemen did not have the ability to pay and therefore was turned away by multiple surgeons prior to meeting Dr.Tayani.

The moment Dr.Tayani was appraised of the man’s situation and diagnosis he urgently performed a life saving surgery knowing this man was unable to provide any compensation. Dr.Tayani stated,” I took an oath when I became a doctor that, I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures that are required.” Dr.Tayani is not only an excellent surgeon but an amazing philanthropist.

DermaBare recently donated $5,000 to the Catarina’s Girls Club that allows the homeless and under privileged children a warm meal every night. That donation also contributed to programs that created after school programs to keep the children in a warm and safe environment.

This past holiday Dr.Tayani and his staff donated over 100 gifts for multiple orphanages to allow children that otherwise wouldn’t have received a gift the opportunity to unwrap a gift on Christmas morning.

Our staff also has their own personal charities that they give their time and support to:

Child Abuse Prevention Center –

American Cancer Society –

Foundation Fighting Blindness –

American Diabetes Association –


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