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Why laser hair removal?
The answer is why not – with DermaBare!

EXPERTISE: DermaBare is the authority in offering you the most effective, efficient and comfortable laser hair removal. DermaBare is different – we specialize exclusively in Laser Hair Removal, which is the most effective way to treat unwanted hair. This is a unique approach that has allowed us to develop expertise in delivering safe and effective treatments at very affordable prices.

INDIVIDUALIZED TREATMENTS: At DermaBare we recognize the value and importance of the physician/guest interaction. Our physicians perform your complimentary consultation and evaluation of your skin and needs. This is a critical step that ensures your service is specific for your individual needs.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS: We have performed more than 50,000 laser hair removal treatments. Our unmatched experience has allowed DermaBare to continually develop cutting edge treatment protocols and advanced training systems so you can be assured of receiving the most effective and highest quality of care.

EFFECTIVE: to date, laser hair removal is the most effective method available for the permanent elimination of hair. Our technology is FDA approved and considered to be the industry’s leading choice in laser hair removal technology – we use only the most effective hair removal technology available with the highest concern for your safety.

COMFORTABLE: Our laser hair removal technology is by far, the most comfortable method of laser hair removal available. Since the laser is heating the hair follicle, there always will be some sensation while having laser hair removal, however the type of lasers used, techniques applied and experience of the laser advisor can allow for a more comfortable experience.

EFFICIENT: Laser light is attracted to the follicle by the pigment in the hair – laser hair removal involves matching laser light and pulse duration to the follicle size, depth and location to inhibit the re-growth of the removed hair. Lasers kill the follicles by the overheating of the pigment in the follicle cells, which permanently disables them. No more shaving, waxing, plucking, bleaching or use of chemical depilatories!

DermaBare Aesthetics & Laser Center is a leading provider of cosmetic treatments in Southern California. Our Laguna Niguel, OC facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing the medical professionals to provide some of the most well-known and effective treatments. Over the years, many Laguna Niguel Botox, chemical peels and IPL photo facial patients have enhanced the appearance of their skin. Learn more or schedule a consultation by calling 949-545-6600.